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Enjoy Flyboarding at Turi Beach Resort Batam

Enjoy Flyboarding at Turi Beach Resort Batam

Seeing Tony Stark flying in the movie Iron Man must have got used to? What if we can actually fly like Tony Stark in Iron Man movie? Well, this one sport can mewujutkan you like Tony Stark in Iron Man movie. Although it can only fly over water.

Flyboarding, is a sport that can make you fly like Iron Man. Starting from the love of Franky Zapata to Jetski. Finally Zapata designed a flyboard connected to an 18-meter pipeline to a jet ski turbine. So nozzle under the feet can fly any rider up to 10 meters above the water surface.

Flyboarding catapulted four elements of the sport. Namely, snowboard, water skiing, jet skiing and acrobatic dive.

If usually the sport Flyboarding can only be encountered in Makassar, Bali, or Lombok. Now we can try Flyboarding at one of the resorts in Batam. Located at Turi Beach Resort. You will be challenged to try one of the flyboarding activities that exist in this resort.

Before we tested the sport of flyboarding. Flyboard riders will be briefed first by Mr. Amin. Mr. Amin is one of the flyboarding instructors at Turi Beach Resort. Then we are welcome to use the shoes that have been prepared before the foot input into the flyboard board.

Once the Flyboard is installed, the rider must swim with the feet and head position straight above the water level. In order to fly to the surface of the water, after getting a signal from the structure above the jet ski, we must straighten the flyboard into the water as if standing in the water and then flyboarding can fly like Iron Man.

  Enjoy Flyboarding at Turi Beach Resort Batam

How? Interested in testing this one sport?

Immediately you come to Turi Beach Resort located in Nongsa, Batam. Because Flyboarding is only and the only one in Batam this. And in Turi Beach Resort itself, precisely in the Water Sport Cabana is not only Flyboarding available here, many other water games that you can try too, call it Jet sky, Banana Boat, Kayaking and so forth.


Turi Beach Resort Nongsa, More Information :

JL Hang Lekiu Nongsa, BATAM

Phone : +62 778 761 080

Mr. Lizawali  +62 813 4018 4790 Mail : lizawali@turibeach.com

Mr. Aminudin +62 813 6432 7286 Mail : amin@turibeach.com



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